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We create a better world for women

For over 40 years, we have not only been creating original jewellery for women but also ensuring that the world becomes a better, fairer, and stereotype-free place for them.

Precious symbols

Along with jewellery, we also convey values. A ring, necklace, or bracelet can be a symbol of strength, courage, independence, and love. Thanks to the power of female support, successive generations can change the world.

In-house designed jewellery

YES offers dozens of unique jewellery collections, including Pavoni, Queen B, Cassiopeia, La Prima, Zodiak, and Eclipse. Our designs encourage free expression of femininity and touch upon important social issues. We believe that jewellery can not only add brilliance but also strength. It can be an ornament but also a powerful statement.

Dynamic expansion

The Polish brand YES is dynamically expanding its presence on the international arena, continuously extending its operations. Currently, we have a total of over 200 Salons in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, with plans to regularly open new locations. As part of the brand's development, an international online shop,, has been launched to reach customers across all European markets and to support and inspire women worldwide.

Courage, authenticity, and trends

We aim to inspire and encourage bold expression of one's convictions. Our jewellery complements both everyday and evening styles perfectly. Gold, silver, jewellery with diamonds and other precious stones - choose what suits you best for every occasion.